Balls Attacks Conservatives Over Education Budget

Schools Secretary Ed Balls

Schools Secretary Ed Balls

SCHOOLS Secretary, Ed Balls, yesterday warned that there will be cuts amongst teachers if Michael Gove, the Conservative MP, gets his way.

The Labour MP identified the Conservative Government as the biggest obstacle in guaranteeing each child “an education that prepares them for the challenges of the 21st century,” through increased collaboration and shared expertise.

Balls told a select committee he had tried to contact Michael Gove about the budget, but had “lost count” how many times, as he still hasn’t received a reply.

“If we were to cut the education budget in 2010/11, there’s no way you could deliver this white paper, you couldn’t deliver these commitments. You’d have to cut teacher numbers, or one-to-one tuitions.”

“not good enough”

The white paper argues that we focus on every child, as it’s “not good enough to have a school where only some children exceed.”

It calls for an increase in one-to-one tuition for those struggling with their studies and for head teachers to take on a number of roles, not just in one school but also across the country.

Currently there are 25,000 one-to-one teachers, yet Balls expects 100,000 more by next year, and hopes by 2011, 600,000 pupils will benefit from one-to-one tuition

“negative affect”

Lew Rolfe, English Teacher at Acland Burghley, believes teacher cuts will prove disastrous.

“Head teachers are already under a huge amount of pressure. If they have their teachers taken away it will only have a negative affect on the way the children are taught.”


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