The Curious Case of Phil Brown

It seems Phil Brown, the Hull City manager, could learn a thing or two from Michel Roux Jr, presenter of Professional MasterChef and chef extraodinaire.

Michel Roux Jr spoke to the Guardian as they asked him to offer tips for rescuing kitchen disasters.

The two Michelin star chef spoke with precision and authority at how he’d revive a loaf of bread or rescue a burnt pan all in an effort to save his beloved kitchen from falling apart and jeopardise the service.

Phil Brown, Championship Playoff Winner 2008, has had his fare share of sticky situations in football – with the latest one being a curious case.

Chairman quits

In the last 48 hours speculation around the Yorkshire club has reached worrying levels, to the extent of – dare I say it – instability.

First, Brown was said to be off after all good betting shops – and some not – decided to stop taking bets on the ‘Primark Mourinho’ being the next Premier League managerial sacking.

The club quickly released a statement saying Brown had not been sacked.

Then we were told a press conference was to be held by the manager on Friday lunchtime, hopefully to clear everything up.

Yet early on Thursday morning, Hull City’s chairman, Paul Duffen, resigned and the eagerly awaited Brown press conference was moved 24 hours back.

The Curious One

Brown was straight out of the blocks, ready to eradicate any blame thrown at him, as the club sit in the relegation zone and, unsurprisingly, are most pundits’ favourites to go down.

He hastily told reporters that “the (Hull City) players are one million per cent behind me,” and that Duffen’s departure had nothing to do with “the football side of things” but “the business of football.”

Although the two generally run together as one, in this particular blame-game scenario Brown thought it better they stay as two separate entities so as not to confuse who is at fault.

He then went on to categorically state, for those who weren’t listening the first time, that he runs the football side of things and remains in charge of Hull City’s match against Burnley on Saturday.

Staying power

Well there you have it, clarity. The manager has spoken. Duffen has been sacked not Brown. Its Duffen’s fault Hull City find themselves in a dogfight to stay in the top division for the third consecutive season.

And finally. Credit to Phil Brown for taking time out to thank his friend Paul Duffen for all the hard work he’s done at the club.

“I am here specifically to talk to you about the game on Saturday, but I will finish this statement by wishing Paul Duffen all the very best for the future from myself and all of my backroom staff.”

I win!


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