Andy Murray Defends Andre Agassi’s Drug Use

Britain’s world number one, Andy Murray, did not want to condemn his idol, Andre Agassi, and offer a stern telling off.

Murray instead decided to take a more sympathetic approach to the American’s confession that he dabbled with crystal meth whilst still playing tennis. When asked about drugs in sport, the Scotman simply said, “No one wants drugs in sport,” before giving those – like Agassi, Hingis, and Maradona – a forgiving glance, “…but everyone makes mistakes.”

Agassi’s confession to taking drugs during his career, is not the first time, and sadly won’t be the last of a sports person using an illegal substance – whether it be to enhance their game or to allow them to cope with it.

Martina Hingis

Miss Swiss failed a drugs test in 2007 during Wimbledon. Despite admitting that she tested positive for cocaine, Hingis still says that she’s “100 per cent innocent.” The 5 times Grand Slam winner later retired from the sport.

Adrian Mutu

Romanian striker Mutu was banned for 7 months back in 2004 for testing positive for cocaine. Mutu was playing for Chelsea at the time, but has managed to revive his career since the incident. He currently plays for Italian side Fiorentina.

Michael Phelps

The American swimmer was captured smoking from a bong, a utensil generally used for cannabis smoking. Phelps, who won a record 8 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, later told the press that he regretted his behaviour, and allayed fears from his fans that he’ll never repeat the incident.


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