Liverpool Fans Love Fernando Torres

You always here an away supporter on a sports phone-in show moaning about the home side’s set of fans.

Highbury was supposedly a library. Whilst the Emirates – which now holds near enough double the amount of supporters as Highbury once did – is said to be just as discreet.

There are certain clubs – most notably Celtic – whose supporters are famed and take more pride in how much pandemonium they generate, regardless of whether their team have won. And rightly so.

Yes, winning counts, and at the best and worst of times, thats all that really matters. The right remedy for watching your side play out an atrocious match, whilst you scream and shout and pull your hair out, is three precious points.

As the old cliche goes – and it pains me to say it – supporting a football team is a marathon not a sprint. You’ll have your fair share of heartache together with those moments of sheer ecstasy. You won’t always wallop a side 4-0, or even 1-0 – you’ll probably be the one being walloped! (Unless you support Manchester United, that is)

For football supporters around the globe (again, unless you support Manchester United), the clip above is something to marvel at.


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