Should the Premier League have a two-tier format?

Tomorrow will see Premier League Clubs gather to – hopefully once and for all (but I very much doubt it) – clear up this whole two-tier idea for England’s top division.

The meeting is to be held on account of Gartside’s proposal of a two-tier Premier League, with the possibility of Celtic and Rangers adjoining the new structure should it go ahead.

Miles Davis once said about change: “If anybody wants to keep creating they have to be about change.”

Not sure if thats the slogan Phil Gartside, Bolton’s chairman, is running with – more like, “I wanna stop being smashed 5-1 away to Aston Villa, let alone Chelsea. I just want my team to be on a winning streak for once!”

Do we need change? Apart from Celtic and Rangers, who else would benefit?

There is the argument that the top league in England isn’t as competitive as we think.

It’s the same top four each year, it’s either Man United or Chelsea won end up winning it.

But I shall throw a spanner in that argument and say what about Manchester City and their billions, their 4-2 win over Arsenal, their narrow defeat to United at Old Trafford?

What about ‘Arry’s Spurs? 4th in the table, and with the Croatian wizard Luka Modric to return of injury, who’s to say they won’t finish there come May?

And say we break into a two-tier division. No more occasions when Ferguson’s men get taken down a few pegs by Burnley, or Liverpool losing to Fulham, or Wigan revealing Chelsea are human after all.

The meeting will take place between 1100-1400 and will also discuss the Premier League’s current sponsorship deal with Barclays.


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