Button to take on Hamilton at McLaren

After Jenson Button joined the McLaren team this week we asked – Will the real World Champion please stand up?

Jenson Button will look to replicate his his Brawn form with McLaren

Jenson Button’s decision to join up with Lewis Hamilton is set to provide the McLaren team with a bumpy ride next season.

World Champion Button signed a multi-million pound deal with McLaren on Wednesday to set up an all-British team.

Button’s switch from Brawn to McLaren happened after the 29 year-old never received the pay rise he expected from his former team at the end of the season despite being crowned F1 World Champion.

Button has since, however, suggested the chance to pit his wits against Lewis Hamilton was too good to turn down. Many believe he will eat his words come next season.

Although McLaren feel the deal is a fantastic scoop, having the last two World Champions on board may yet see a clash of egos.

Only one driver can become World Champion and so McLaren have a difficult decision in deciding who is their main man.

But who is worthy of being McLaren’s no. 1 driver?

Jenson Button

  • Age: 29
  • Grand Prix Debut: Australia 2000
  • GP Races: 171
  • Wins: 7
  • Pole Position: 7
  • Points: 327
  • Podium: 24

Lewis Hamilton

  • Age: 24
  • Grand Prix Debut: Australia 2007
  • GP Races: 52
  • Wins:11
  • Pole Position: 16
  • Points: 256
  • Podium: 27

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