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Who would be a football manager?

Who would be a modern-day football manager, hey?

Okay, so most get paid handsomely. However, like the players, the men in suits – tracksuits if you’re Martin O’Neill – get bombarded with verbal abuse continually – and not just from the fans.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is often labeled a pedophile by a few childish away fans. While former Hull City boss, now gardener extraordinaire, Phil Brown was dubbed “Tango” for most of last season for his rather unusual “tan” which held more than a hint of orange (the colour, not the flavour).

But if you thought that was paticularly distasteful, think again. And again.

After Tottenham lost 1-0 at home to Wigan (the team they tore apart 9-1 less than a year ago) their manager, ol’ Harry Redknapp, had to suffer further heartache when one Sky Sports reporter had the nerve to call him, the boss, the guv’nor, the gaffer…a “wheeler, deeler”!

Thankfully, Redknapp handled the incident with admirable professionalism and with a touch of class.


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Tips On How To Avert Managerial Disasters

Michel Roux Jr, spoke to the Guardian today to offer advice on how to save those troublesome scenario’s that crop up when cooking in the kitchen.

So we’ve decided to find out from a top Premier League manager how one goes about overturning hazardous situations that could ultimately throw a club into turmoil.

Question 1:

Your team are losing 4-0 away at half time. Do you?

A Tell them decisions have gone against you and hope to pull a few goals back in the second.

B Make a few substitutions to steady the ship so as not to concede more.

C Sit them on the floor next to your travelling fans and give them a right good bullocking.

D Let them down gently. Tell them they’re not as good as the other team, so just learn to deal with it.

answer C

Question 2:

Its 1-0 to the opposition and the ref awards a 93rd minute penalty. Only to consult his assistant and be told it wasn’t a penalty, before courageously deciding not to give it. Do you?

A Praise the referee for his bravery at overturning a wrong decision

B Claim it was a penalty and that the ref is blind.

C Give no comment on the incident just that you are disappointed with the loss

D Tell the press you’re confused by the final decision and blame the ref for the defeat.

answer D

Question 3:

William Gallas heads Arsenal into a 2-1 lead over Hull City in the FA Cup

William Gallas heads Arsenal into a 2-1 lead against Hull City in the FA Cup

(Courtesy of shields_t’s)

You’ve just been knocked out of the FA Cup with replays showing that the winning goal was offside. Do you?

A Moan that you were robbed and that because you’re Hull City the big decisions always go against you.

B Stay clear of the incident and instead accuse the captain from the other team who wasn’t playing that he spat at your assistant’s shoes.

C Complain┬áthat the opposition’s manager didn’t shake your hand at the end of the match and that he never does.

D Say that Hull City have come a long way in recent years and that on another day you could have won.

All of them. Oh…except for the last one.

Question 4:

You’re next match is away against a team who are fighting for survival like you, with the game being dubbed a “6-pointer.” Do you?

A Say you won’t underestimate the opposition as they are too good to go down.

B It will be a tight affair but you hope that your team has enough in the locker to win.

C The home side have overspent and are where they should be, with their future looking bleak.

D Tell reporters that the opposition have had a tuff time of late, but that you fully expect them to survive.

answer C.

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